Website Design

Website designing basically means designing the pages of your website in regards the content placement, layouting and the overall look and appearance. It involves deciding the colour of your pages, the size of images to be placed, the text font and colour and many other things. For this purpose, different tools are used such as mark-up languages,image editing software, programs, etc. All these things add up to display a web page.

Our client for search engine optimization are in India. Search Engine optimization is not an easy task and requires lots of analysis by search engine experts. Your Website is properly optimized by search engine experts before submitting it to any search engines. Search Engine Optimization is a very specialized field, now a days thousands of Websites are added in search engine everyday. There is a tough competition for top ranking in the search engine. Your web site must be in within the first 10-20 listings for Internet users to find you. If you just submit your web site to the search engines without SEO, Internet users will not find your website easily and your efforts will be wasted.

There are two types of websites, static and dynamic. Static websites are generally the simple ones with few content and images. The data on such websites is generally only for display and no major tasks can be carried out on these websites. On the other hand, dynamic websites are quite interactive and their web pages change depending on the inputs provided by the user. These websites are very complex and have a high level of linkingamong their pages and other websites. Designing a static website is simple and does not involve much complexity while designing a dynamic website is difficult and incorporates different tools and techniques.

Design Plans

Domain Registration
Hosting 1 GB 2 GB Customized
Static Web Pages 5 Pages 15 Pages As Per Requirements
Dynamic Web Pages 0 10 As Per Requirements
Design Quality Normal Professional Professional
Mobile Compatible
Sliding Banner Design 2 4 7
Video Backgrounds
No. of Email Ids 2 Email ID's 5 Email ID's As Per Requirement
Customer Enquiry Form
Additional Page Rs.500/Page Rs.700/Page Rs.1000/Page
Logo Design Rs.1000 Customized
Promotional Pop-Ups
SEO Ready Website
Social Media Account Creation Facebook Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter Customized
Photo Gallery Management
HTML Sitemap
XML Sitemap
Google Analytics
Google Business Map
Technical Support 1 Year Lifetime Lifetime

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